The Best Online Stock Brokers

I have spent many hours researching all the different online stock brokers out there so you don’t have to.

I have compiled a list of stock brokers that are suitable for different types of trading.

Discount Brokers

The first section looks at discount stock brokers. Here I look at the best and cheapest online stock brokers. Some brokers are as cheap as $3 per trade!

Country Specific Brokers

There is also the Canadian stock brokers section, offering a list of brokers best suited to those of you who live in Canada.

Similary, I have put together a list of the best stock brokers in the UK. I had to do this as I’m in the UK myself. Some of the UK brokers are so expensive, they are little more than legal con artists!


online stock broker

Broker for Penny Stocks

Maybe you need a penny stock broker? I’m sure you are aware that many brokers have a commission structure that is completely inappropriate for trading penny stocks. You don’t need to look through many different brokers. I’ve found the best brokers for trading penny stocks.

Stock Broker Comparison

Perhaps you want to compare all the major stock brokers out there? You can do this too as i’ve put together a detailed list of different brokers. I examine the main features of each broker including the cost per trade, cost of broker assisted trades, when they were established, any special offers they have at present and much more.

In this section there is an opportunity for you to share your experiences with a particular broker. If you have an opinion on a particular broker, good, bad or indifferent, please share it.