Stock Market Articles

Here are some stock market articles I have written to further increase your understanding of investing in the stock market. If you have a good quality article and you want to submit it here, please contact me.

Long Term Investing
Is buy and hold investing a safe bet? Not always in my view find out why by looking at what happened in the past.

Buy Stock without a Broker
Yes, it’s possible to buy stocks without a broker and save of those broker commissions with dividend reinvestment plans and the help of

What is short selling stock?
Did you know you can profit when the stock market rises as well as falls by short selling stocks? This articles looks at how to short sell and the risks involved.

Is investing in shares for you?
I’m sure you know investing in shares can be very risky. It is not for everyone. Can you keep your emotions out of trading, do you have some spare cash you can comfortably afford to lose?

How to find the right stock broker for you
With so many stock brokers out there, how do you know which is right for you? Is a full service broker better? Is a discount broker better?

What is a stock split?
Stock splits are often done to try increase demand for a company’s stock. A split will lower the stock price making it affordable to a wider range of investors.

Stocks versus Bonds
Who wins out of stocks vs bonds? It depends on many factors like risk tolerance, period of time investing, investment goals and much more.

What are shares?
Did you know that shares traded on a stock exchange are shares in public companies?