Stock Trading Courses

Trading Master Plan

This stock trading course offers an excellent 200 page ebook, training videos, chart lessons with MP3 audio.

Dave teaches aspects of trading like:

  • What you should be trading
  • When you should open a trade
  • When you should exit a trade
  • And the most important part how to trade with discipline
  • The approach to trading is best suited to the swing or long term trader. The goal is to capture large gains (preferably within a trend) over several days to several months.

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    Nicolas Darvas

    Nicolas Darvas Home Study

    Out of all the stock trading courses out there this one is rather interesting as it looks at how professional trader Nicolas Darvas made turned $25,000 into 2 million dollars playing the stock market.

    The course includes a blueprint, bonus articles, bonus charting formula and the original story behind the course and the trading methods.

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