Stock Trading Ebooks

I have put together a collection of stock trading ebooks that I have read and found helpful.

Candlesticks For Support And Resistance by John H. Forman III
This is an excellent ebook for the new trader as it explains exactly what candlesticks are, how to read them and how the market responds to them.

The 25 point mantra by By Douglas E. Zalesky
I love this little ebook, as it outlines the importance trading discipline in a fun and easy to understand way.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Pipped — by Rob Booker & Kim Shaftner, M.D
This is an interesting ebook on how emotions are connected with trading and how your lifestyle choices can affect your emotions and in turn your trading.

Your Personality and Successful Trading — by Windsor Advisory Services – Looks into how your personality can affect your trading

Stock trading system Ebooks

1-2-3 System by Mark Crisp
A easy to follow trading system that uses chart patterns.

Scalp trading Methods by Kevin Ho
Kevin Ho, a floor trader, reveals his six favourite high probability scalping setups
with tight risk rules. Also my article on short term trading may interest you.

The Truth About Fibonacci Trading by Bill Poulos
This is a nice little book explain how you can use Fibonacci in your trading. Also looks into the benefits and limitations of them.

Money management ebooks

Money Management Strategies for Serious Traders by DAVID C.. STENDAHL
This is a very indepth ebook about money management. It looks into why money management is so important to be a successful trader and looks at how best to spend your time when developing a successful strategy. This is a 8.8 meg download.

These are the stock trading ebooks I have read recently and I have found them very helpful. If you enjoyed reading them please let me know.