5 Stock Trading Tools you don’t want to be without

I’ve put together some of the stock trading tools that I use and find helpful to my trading.

My favourite free stock sceeners:

Google stock screener

google stock screener

I really like the google stock screener. It’s very straight forward and quick to use and gives you exactly what you want. You can select the categories you want to search and enter the min/max figures or use the sliding bar.

Yahoo stock screener

yahoo stock screener

The Yahoo stock screener is very useful stock trading tool. There is a html and java version.

Both of these stock screeners are suitable for penny stocks as well as regular stocks.

Stock Charts



Stockcharts.com shows charts in your browser. It’s definately my favorite website for stock charts. The charts look great and you can get a chart for any symbol traded on the major exchanges. You can get daily and weekly charts. You can add indicators to your charts too. The above chart shows the 50 and 200 moving average. They do live charts too, but you have to pay for those.


advfn screenshot

Advfn.com provides detailed charts on stocks, options, futures and forex. It’s a very powerful tool. The charts get the award for being ugly though.



Amibroker is a peice of stand alone software (it doesn’t run in your browser), that has highly detailed charting and backtesting. It has the ability to extract historical data anywhere you choose like yahoo finance for example. The software has a long list of programming features too.

The only downside to amibroker is the price tag. The standard version costs $199 and the professional version is priced at $279. They do offer a 30 day free trial though, so you can try it before you buy.